Low Price Guarantee

We are dedicated to provide you with the best quality service and value, at the best price possible.

Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our product’s prices at any time without further notice.

All prices on this web site are subject to change without notice. We make every effort to provide you the most accurate, up-to-date information.

Cargo Responsibility

IBS Fastpak is not responsible for cargo unclaimed after 180 days from the date received.



IBS Fastpak will not be held liable for loss of a shipment, damage to a shipment or delay caused by any events we cannot control; such as force majeure including but not limited to acts of God, the acts of another carrier or third party with whom we contract, or the action of omissions by any governmental or public authority (including but not limited to customs or health officials), or omission by anyone outside IBS Fastpak. IBS Fastpak reserves the right, without admitting liability, to refund transportation charges or other charges at its sole discretion, but is not obligated to do so.

Packages / Items that does not have a proper and complete invoice will not be shipped until all proper documents are received.

Package proof of delivery by couriers

Packages “STATUS OF DELIVERY” is not accurate and guaranteed unless an IBS Fastpak agent receives it in person. We will not be held liable for loss /  theft of packages, left outside the building after office hours (4:30pm)

Claims Process

All claims must be made in writing to IBS Fastpak within 30 days that we accepted your shipment. No claims will be accepted or reviewed until all shipping charges and any other related charges owed have been paid in full. You may not deduct the amount of any claim from shipping and related charges. If you accept your shipment without noting any damage, it is agreed the shipment was delivered in good and acceptable condition. In order for us to consider any claim for damage, you must also make the contents and original shipping cartons and packing materials available for inspection.

Insurance Coverage

All cargo shipped by IBS Fastpak is subject to shipping insurance, based on the value of the goods. Shipping insurance is calculated at 2% of the value of goods to be shipped. Coverage commences from the time the goods leave the shipper and continues in force during the ordinary and customary course of transit to the final warehouse destination.


Limitation of Liability

In consideration of the transportation charges for the movement of any shipment, it is agreed that the liability of IBS Fastpak shall be limited, in any event, to the lower sum of $1000 USD or the actual value of the documents or shipment, unless additional insurance coverage is arranged and paid for in advance. The actual value of packages shall be the lower of the cost of replacing the contents in the case of lost items, re-directing the cargo to the corrected destination in the case of misdirected cargo, or repair and/or replacement parts in the case of damaged cargo. Settlement may be made is either shipping credit or monetary compensation based on the circumstance of the individual occurrence. Claims supported by proper documentation will be settled within 90 days of claim filing.


Privacy Policy

We value your privacy. Please visit our Privacy Policy page for complete details on how we use the information we collect.



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